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Hi, I’m Emmy

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Okay…back to regular programming…

Imagine me as more than just a name, but an uncharted adventure, a Southeast Asian journey waiting to be explored. 

I’m inviting you into a world where adventure & discretion intertwine, transforming encounters into playgrounds of the senses.

I’m not just looking for anyone. I seek a co-conspirator, a partner in this thrilling dance of passion.

I’m a whisper of temptation, your private escape from the mundane.

I am your secret, your walk on the wild side, your guilty pleasure.

Are you ready to be part of my adventure? To create memories that are ours and ours alone?





text: 469-608-9118

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age: mid 30s

height: 5ft2in (Petite)

weight: 115 lbs

bust: 34C all natural

ethnic background: southeast asian

no piercings or tattoos

fully vaccinated

Interview With Emmy

01. What will you wear on our date?

Business casual, sleek lines and understated elegance. Just enough makeup to highlight my natural features – giving off that fresh, polished look. 

Underneath all that, hidden from the world, is my little act of rebellion: exquisite lingerie. 

It’s a celebration of my own femininity, a private indulgence that adds a smirk to my face when I walk through the hotel lobby.

It’s an experience I want to share privately with you.

So, while the world sees one side of me, you’ll know what lies beneath – a secret, a whisper of something daring and delightfully forbidden.

It’s my subtle wink to the thrilling and unexpected joys of life.

02. What motivated you to start this career?

I come from humble beginnings in a developing country, where life was more about making ends meet than chasing dreams. 

Thanks to this industry and the incredible support from men like you, I’ve turned my life around.

I live a joyful lifestyle I never thought was possible. It’s like opening a door to a whole new world.

This journey has given me the chance to chase my passions, to carve out a career beyond the industry. It’s an exhilarating feeling, knowing I can dream big and actually reach for those stars.

All of this, every step of my journey, has been fueled by the amazing support of friends like you.

So here’s a big thank you – for being part of my journey, for helping me transform my dreams into reality.

03. If we are on a date, how would you dress me?

I have a little confession to make.

There’s just something about a man in business casual or clothing that fits perfectly: it sets my heart racing.

Sleeves rolled up and exuding self confidence and masculinity: it’s incredibly sexy.

It’s the way he strikes that perfect balance between professional and casual. Like he’s ready to conquer the world, yet effortlessly comfortable in his own skin. 

For me, there’s nothing more attractive than a man who dresses for success but still keeps it cool and approachable.

That combination? It makes me want to cater to you. 

04. What do you enjoy in the bedroom?

I might be what you’d call a hopeless romantic. I believe that the essence of passion is found in the simplest of things: cuddles, kisses, and that soft touch from a lover’s hand.

It’s about the intimacy, the deep connection that blooms from really taking our time, from cherishing each and every moment we share.

There’s something so special, so profound in these gentle moments of closeness.

That’s what I long for, that kind of connection where every touch and every look speaks volumes.

It’s not just about being together; it’s about being present, fully and completely, in every shared moment.

05. What are your hobbies?

I’ve embarked on a culinary journey to over 200 restaurants, and the thrill of discovering new cuisines never gets old.

There’s this incredible rush in trying something unique and having my taste buds whisked away to an entirely new world.

For me, indulging in these gastronomic adventures is the perfect way to break free from the mundane.

Each new restaurant, each unique flavor, is a moment to savor, a special indulgence that I just can’t get enough of.

If you haven’t picked up on it yet, writing is another passion that I like to work on every day.

There’s something magical about how words can capture the essence of what I’m feeling, turning the intangible into an emotion.

Every time you read my words, know that you’re peeking into the depths of my heart.

It’s an invitation to understand me, so you can decide if I’m worthy of your presence.

06. Do you have a hidden talent?

Designing my own website is a testament to self-expression and creativity. It’s like painting a picture of who I am, and I put every bit of my heart and soul into every detail of the design.

I’m all about creating an experience that’s pleasurable for you.

07. How do you balance your life as Emmy with your personal life and relationships?

    Why do some beautiful ladies quit this industry after only a few months?

    One may think it’s easy money, but it does carry heavy emotional consequences if one doesn’t have proper support.

    I’m incredibly grateful to have amazing support from my friends and family.

    To have family who love and accept you for who you are along with whatever career you choose is unconventional.

    Some may cringe.

    This is how I feel:

    I come home from a wonderful date. It was fun but I need to sit down and decompress because it requires me full attention. 

    I sit down to catch up with my family. I’m served homemade comfort food ready for me to devour.

    My sister asks curiously “how was your date?”. I said, it was wonderful! Then we’re off to discussing other topics. 

    There is no passive aggressive remarks nor there is shame. Just a feeling of unconditional love from their presence topped with comfort food: the other love language known to Asian culture.

    That is the secret sauce of the longevity of my career as Emmy. 

    Every step of this journey, every milestone, has been influenced by their love for me.

    I’m beyond excited to see where this path leads next, and I carry with me a heart full of gratitude for every single person who’s been a part of this adventure.

    08. What advice would you give to a client new to this industry?

    When it comes to the world of companionship, don’t shy away from the verification process.

    The most reputable and trustworthy companions out there always make sure to screen. It’s all about ensuring safety and comfort, both for you and for her.

    If the idea of screening seems a bit much and you’re looking for a more casual first step, why not consider meeting publicly for a drink or coffee?

    It’s a perfect way to dip your toes into the waters.

    Imagine meeting casually at a bar or a coffee shop, where you can get to know each other over a drink.

    It’s relaxed, it’s informal, and it’s a great way to break the ice in a setting that’s comfortable.

    This way, you get the best of both worlds – the excitement of a new connection and the peace of mind that comes with discretion and professionalism.

    So, take that step. Who knows where your conversation might lead.

    09. Do you have a career outside of Emmy?

    I work in the bustling world of video marketing.

    Think of it like memes but relatable to a business – in the form of video like IG Reel or Tiktok Video. 

    My focus is crafting marketing content that not only catches the eye but also evoke an emotion.



    Being Emmy allowed me years of study and honing this craft.

    Thank you for supporting my passion – this is what gets me excited when I wake up every morning.

    10. What do you do to unwind?

    I love to go swimming.

    It allows me to reflect and find opportunities to be more compassionate towards myself and others.

    It’s where I find my balance, my reset button.

    But I have many self care routines I launch on the daily.

    To get to know me better, visit my X Tweets at @emmydallasTX


    incall & outcall within 30 miles of DFW Airport

    Let’s dive into the details of our rendezvous, shall we? Here are selections for our time together:

    • 1 hour: 500, for a delightful snippet 
    • 1.5 hours: 700, because sometimes, a little extra is just perfect
    • 2 hours: 900, for a deeper dive into our shared experience
    • 2.5 hours dinner date: 1000, crafting an evening of culinary and personal exploration.
    • Cocktail hour (up to 60 minutes): 350, for a short and sweet sip of connection.
    • FMTY Overnight (24 hours): 4000, a full day to savor each other’s company.

    It’s all about making our time together as flexible as you’d like, tailored to create the perfect memory. So, which chapter of our adventure shall we explore together?

    Payment Options: Cash, BTC (Bitcoin), Venmo, Cashapp


    skip the screening

    Cocktail Date

    A love letter to my X Twitter followers: please follow my new account @emmydallasTX for latest exclusives.

    Unfortunately my @emmydallascom has been compromised.

    Okay…back to regular programming…

    How about we skip the formalities and meet for a cocktail date?

    Picture us, for an hour, just getting to know each other. We’ll dive into delicious drinks, share a laugh or two, and share moments.

    It’s your chance to savor the presence.

    If you’re charmed enough to seek some private time afterwards, just show me your ID and we can plan something more intimate for the future.

    My rate for this delightful hour? It’s 350.

    Ideal time? I’m all yours between lunch and 6 pm.

    Here are some of my favorite places to enjoy your company:

    • RH Rooftop for a touch of elegance
    • Catbird, where the vibe is just right
    • Knife Dallas, for a bit of culinary flair
    • La Neta Cocina Y Lounge, a place with personality
    • OUTLAW Taproom, where the wild side meets style
    • 60 Vines, a wine lover’s dream
    • Yardbird, for that classic American charm
    • Hudson House, where every sip is a story (they have amazing martinis)
    • Perry’s Steakhouse, for a dash of sophistication

    So, what do you say? Let’s make some memories over cocktails.

    skip the screening

    Cocktail Date

     ))How about we skip the formalities and meet for a cocktail date?

    Picture us, for an hour, just getting to know each other. We’ll dive into delicious drinks, share a laugh or two, and stitch together some unforgettable moments.

    It’s your chance to savor the presence – let’s clink our glasses and celebrate a fabulous encounter.

    If you’re charmed enough to seek some private time afterwards, just show me your ID and we can pencil in something more intimate for the future.

    My rate for this delightful hour? It’s 350.

    Ideal time? I’m all yours between lunch and 6 pm.

    And if you’re wondering where we could meet for our drink, I’ve got some favorites:

    • Kenny’s Wood Fired Grill (Addison), American bistro/bar 
    • Ida Claire (Addison), global twist on classic Southern cuisine and cocktails
    • OUTLAW Taproom (Irving), where the wild side meets style
    • 60 Vines (Uptown & Plano), a wine lover’s dream
    • Yardbird (Downtown), for that classic American charm
    • Hudson House (Las Colinas, Addison, University Park and Lakewood), where every sip is a story
    • Cork & Pig Tavern (Las Colinas, Southlake), mouthwatering apps and diverse cocktail selections

    Let’s make some memories over cocktails.

    2.5 hours

    Dinner Date

    Why settle for dining alone when you can enjoy the presence of an easygoing dinner companion?

    I’m offering more than just a meal; it’s an entire dining experience designed to help you unwind from the stress of your workday.

    With over 200 restaurant visits under my belt in Dallas alone, I’m your perfect guide to the city’s culinary treasures. Let’s embark on a gastronomic adventure, exploring some of the finest eateries, savoring exquisite dishes, and sharing stories that spark joy.

    Once dinner concludes, we’ll retreat to a more private setting. That’s where I’ll reveal the secret hidden beneath my ensemble, adding a final, unforgettable touch to our night.

    Let’s turn an ordinary evening into an extraordinary journey of flavors, laughter, and delightful surprises.

    Looking forward to our dinner date,


    Just a little detail to sprinkle into our plans: for our two and a half-hour dinner date, where we’ll weave through tales, laughter, and culinary delights, my rate is 1000.

    It’s an evening where time stands still, filled with engaging conversation, shared smiles, and a menu of memories waiting to be created. 

    Below are my favorite discreet culinary escapades:

    • Uchi Omakase: Here, we’ll step into a realm of exquisite Japanese delights.

    • Nobu: Every dish is a masterpiece, a conversation starter.

    • Fearings: Fancy a touch of Southern charm? Fearings is our spot.

    • Carbone Vino: Carbone Vino is our Italian hideaway. Intimate and enchanting, it’s where each sip of wine and every bite is a journey to the heart of Italy, wrapped in the warmth of our laughter and conversation.

    • Mansion Restaurant: For a touch of opulence, the Mansion Restaurant awaits. Here, luxury isn’t just in the decor; it’s in the air we breathe, the service we receive, and the exquisite flavors we savor, all setting the stage for an evening of grandeur.

    • Town Hearth: And for a night of spirited energy and bold tastes, Town Hearth is our destination. 

    So, what do you say? Let’s pick our chapter for the evening and make it a dinner date to remember.

    What you need to provide

    Screening Requirements

    Before we embark on our adventure together, there’s a little step we need to take – it’s all about getting to know you a bit better.

    Screening your personal information is a part of this journey, ensuring comfort and safety for us both. And don’t worry, your details will be treated with the utmost care and discretion, deleted promptly after the screening process.

    If you’re thinking more along the lines of a casual cocktail hour date, feel free to skip this part and email me at or send me a text at 469-608-9118.

    Screening is all about making our time together as seamless and enjoyable as possible.


    Choose One Option;

    Linkedin Profile

    Send me a screenshot of your Linkedin profile via text or email.


    2 Companion References that includes her website and contact information.

    Drivers License

    Send me a photo of your drivers license with the address covered.


    Send me a message on P411. My P411 is P146513.

    Get In Touch With Me

    Contact Me

    I’m so honored for you to indulge me! Please fill out the contact form and I’ll reply within 24-48 hours during the weekdays. Expect delays during the weekend. See you soon!

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