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Screening Requirements

Before we embark on our adventure together, there’s a little step we need to take – it’s all about getting to know you a bit better.

Screening your personal information is a part of this journey, ensuring comfort and safety for us both. And don’t worry, your details will be treated with the utmost care and discretion, deleted promptly after the screening process.

If you’re thinking more along the lines of a casual cocktail hour date, feel free to skip this part. It’s all about making our time together as seamless and enjoyable as possible.


Choose One Option (skip for cocktail date);

Linkedin Profile

Send me a screenshot of your Linkedin profile via text or email.


2 Companion References that includes her website and contact information.

Drivers License

Send me a photo of your drivers license with the address covered.


Send me a message on P411. My P411 is P146513.

Get In Touch With Me


I’m so honored for you to choose me! Please fill out the contact form and I’ll reply within 24-48 hours during the weekdays. Expect delays during the weekend. See you soon!

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